Shedding light on linkages

Shedding light on linkagesRobust and easy-to-use reporting tools are helping Hilbert College identify new connections that could impact student success.  For example, the college is digging deeper into data that shows a link between academic performance and residential factors such as integrating high- and low-performing students, upper and lower classmen, and other combinations. Another new insight from the data is that articulated transfer students have a higher graduation rate – almost double – than students attending college for the first time. As a result, Hilbert is focusing more efforts on recruiting transfer students. Hilbert found these and other insights through its application of PowerCampus™ Enterprise Reporting and PowerCampus Analytics by Ellucian®.

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Data does the heavy lifting

Hilbert College in Hamburg, NY

It’s one thing to have data. It’s another thing to actually use it. And with the new industry focus on performance-based funding, institutions are finding creative ways to make the most of the data they already have.

For example, Hilbert College in Hamburg, NY implemented a suite of reporting and analytics tools to create one authoritative source of data. The results were surprising. Michael Murrin, vice president of information services at Hilbert College explains in Harnessing Campuswide Data for Student Success, published by Campus Technology, “Once you start seeing information in ways that you could never see it before, it immediately takes you to another level. It triggers another question about something else that wasn’t previously on your radar.”

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Big Data in Higher Education

A good summary of Gartner’s predictions for 2013—which emphasizes the aspects that are relevant to education—can be found here, in an article by Dian Schaffhauser from Campus Technology. Several converging ‘forces’ will converge in 2013 according to Gartner, involving Cloud, Social, Mobile, and Information. The first prediction is the focus of this post, because there is more to it than most institutions are leveraging today.

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2012 ECAR Study of Analytics in Higher Education

Every day I hear reports related to the tough times ahead for higher education institutions.  Everyone is being tasked to do more with less, to perform better with less.  Institutions need to leverage every tool available to them to improve.  Most institutions are sitting on years and years of data about their students, staff, and finances. And that data can tell you a lot about where you have been, and where you need to go.

The beauty is–you already own this data; you just need to convert it into useable information and get it into the hands of those who manage the resources of the institution.  ECAR (EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research) recently published a report related to analytics in higher education.  It’s a great read, and the report suggests that the use of data for analytics within the industry is becoming a hot topic at the right time.

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