Supporting enrollment growth and increasing expectations with less budget

Supporting enrollment growth and increasing expectations with less budgetSometimes, the math just doesn’t add up. At North Shore Community College, enrollment has grown by almost 30% since 2002. Yet state support is less than it was in 2001. The uptick in enrollment has brought with it increased demand for academic and student services, enhanced communications, and more web services. “Our user base and their expectations grow continually. Users want more speed, more applications, and more access,” emphasized Jan Forsstrom, CFO, North Shore Community College.

Fortunately, the college has been able to meet user expectations by leveraging the flexible architecture and expanding functionality available in Banner® by Ellucian™.  In order to make maximum use of Banner, the Massachusetts college has stuck to its strategy to make Banner its database of record, and to make as much information and as many resources available through self-service as possible.

“This expands the value of Banner because its data feeds into our public website, our program of study database, and other databases, which feed data back into Banner. The integration to new applications and databases enables us to make better use of our data and applications, and data is consistent and current throughout the infrastructure,” said Forsstrom. “Banner was a smart and strategic choice when we first implemented it in 1993, and it still is today. It has grown and changed with us.”

Online portal usage is high with 4,000 to 6,000 unique users daily and 8,000 to 9,000 weekly.  About 90 percent of students have registered online consistently for the past 7 to 8 years.

In addition to leveraging self-service applications, the college makes extensive use of Banner Operational Data Store, Banner Document Management, and integration software; and the staff is making increasing use of the Banner Enterprise Data Warehouse. Altogether, the suite of solutions from Ellucian is providing North Shore with a solid foundation to deliver the best possible service to every member of its education community, support new operational efficiencies, advance long-term planning, and meet changing national and state performance measures all within an uncertain economy. Now that’s an equation that makes sense.  To read more, visit our Success Stories page.

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