Put your prospects in place

Put your prospects in placeWant to get the attention of prospective students? Pin it. Many savvy institutions already use Pinterest as a fun, interesting, and creative approach to storytelling and community engagement.

So when Pinterest launched Place Pins, which let users collect thoughts and photos based on physical locations and pin that content on a map, the University of Michigan was keen to be a launch partner. An avid user (Pinterest is their fastest growing social media channel), the University of Michigan posted two place boards which have already attracted many new followers, according to the article, University of Michigan is the First to Leverage Pinterest’s New “Places” Boards by Jimmy Daly.

The first is a local board that lets high school students take a virtual tour of the campus. Future students can see the campus online, browse pages, and click through to get university resources before a visit and then pull the map up on their phones when they arrive onsite. “Our campus has such a wide variety of places, and often times students don’t know where to find them,” says Hillary Frazier, the University of Michigan’s senior social media specialist. “This way, they can see the address, get directions on the go, and even know what other hot spots are nearby.”

The second is a global board that lets traveling students, alumni, faculty, and staff add pins and study-abroad photos and research notes, some from as far away as Mongolia, South Africa, China, and the North Pole. “These Place Pins show the true reach of our alumni community, which is the largest living alumni community in the world, at over 500,000,” says Frazier.

Place Pins are a creative way to reach prospective students and show an authentic side of your institution’s brand. When they see other students modeling school apparel, great shots of campus, or even fun ways to decorate a dorm, they get a real slice of campus life and alumni zeal. And that’s a good thing.

How are you using Pinterest to create a sense of place and put your campus on the map?

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