FIT Delivers Mobile Apps “Within a Few Hours”

FIT Delivers Mobile Apps “Within a Few Hours”Reuben Marcus was skeptical when Ellucian said its mobile solution can be deployed “within a few hours.” He is a believer now.

“We had apps available within a few hours without writing a single line of code,” said Marcus, manager, portal and web services, at the Fashion Institute of Technology.” It was unbelievably easy. Most teenagers could have done it.”

The IT team at FIT chose Ellucian Mobile. The Application Edition comes with an easily configurable pre-set package of applications including apps to access course schedules, grades, holds, maps, directory, and important phone numbers and websites. In addition to making those apps available, the FIT team also incorporated mobile apps they had developed including password change options, an app to add funds, and applications from third-party vendors like Blackboard and Campus Labs.

“We didn’t know the third-party solutions were mobile friendly until we pointed at them with Ellucian mobile,” explained Marcus. “We used the virtual tool (simple admin website) that came with the Ellucian solution and just pointed it to the other apps to incorporate them into our platform. It appears as if we created all the apps so the school looks great for supplying all these features to students and faculty, but in reality, we had to do very little.”

Without Ellucian Mobile, the FIT IT staff would have had to learn how to code for the iPhone, Android, and Kindle – all of which are supported out of the box by Ellucian Mobile. And Ellucian’s solution does not require programming ability to maintain or expand it.

“Everything is done for you. We spent more time talking about mobile in meetings than it took for me to deploy it,” said Marcus. “You can tell that Ellucian put a lot of effort into this product, and I get the sense that they will keep expanding it.”

To watch a video of FIT’s mobile solution, visit the Ellucian Mobile videos page.

For a limited time, Ellucian is granting a perpetual license at no charge. Take advantage of the grant by signing up before June 15, 2013 and Ellucian will waive the license fee. Watch the Ellucian Mobile Demo and learn more.

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